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About Us

Loeb Benson is focused on the capital markets and financial advisory needs of the financial services industry while specializing in maximizing clients’ investment profits. With expertise in sales and trading, analytics and asset management, Loeb Benson is uniquely qualified to create value for clients in all market conditions, and we are strategically building on a longstanding commitment to offer a broad range of services.

Loeb Benson offers comprehensive investment management capabilities that span nearly all segments of the global capital markets. Our investment solutions, tailored to the unique return and risk objectives of clients, draw on a robust body of proprietary research and a collaborative culture that encourages independent thought and healthy debate. As a private partnership, we believe our ownership structure fosters a long-term view that aligns our perspectives with those of our clients.

Who We Are

Our Management Team

Loeb Benson founders are recognized as the originators of value based tactical asset allocation and index fund management. Today, our management team is committed to lead through innovation and intellectual curiosity.

Our Business Development Team

Our Business Development team is dedicated to building and retaining successful relationships with our clients.

Our Approach

Loeb Benson provides global multi-assets solutions to our clients. With a reputation for innovation, we are well positioned to offer multi-strategy solutions within each asset class, from both a macro and micro assessment. Our integrated research platform leverages a broad set of resources in order to provide clients with a unique investment approach.

Our Philosophy

Our strategies are built on a thorough understanding of market fundamentals as opposed to simply relying on empirical results. We believe that our in-depth understanding of the markets has given us an edge over time, and more importantly, will continue to serve as the foundation of our success in the future. We work closely and collaboratively with clients to analyze their goals and objectives to enable us to best deliver their desired outcome—to meet client key risk and return metrics.

Our Research

Our research and expertise—spanning four decades—provides a unique perspective which is the cornerstone of our multi-asset solutions.

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