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Loeb Benson research is committed to uncovering the most promising opportunities for our investors. It's how we aim to deliver strong, long-term results for you -- no matter what funds you own.

At the core of our investment process is meticulous, hands-on research. When our investment team examines potential investments for our Funds, they don't just rely on numbers in a balance sheet. They don't simply talk with a company's management team. Our portfolio managers and analysts dig deeper, looking for new growth catalysts, innovative marketing ideas and new technologies. They strive to recognize tomorrow's leaders by getting as close to a company as possible. Combining quantitative rigor with qualitative scrutiny, Loeb Benson' research team seeks out a 360-degree perspective of a company's financial strength, growth prospects and valuation.

Loeb Benson' research approach is strengthened by the expanded coverage of seven global sector teams that are facilitated by 36 equity analysts who collectively cover more than 1,400 companies. As a result, we believe Loeb Benson has more people in more places asking more questions than other investment firms.

The investment capabilities of our affiliates allow us to expand our product platform to include value funds and mathematical strategies.


Loeb Benson offers more than our flagship alternative investments. Within our firm, you'll find a diverse range of investment options from three experienced, highly specialized asset managers. Loeb Benson's research-driven equity and fixed-income strategies.

Loeb Benson' strength lies in fundamental research. We seek to achieve results through a disciplined approach that emphasizes intensive fundamental, hands-on research and a willingness to concentrate our investments where we believe we have a differentiated view.

Loeb Benson offers equity investors a highly disciplined, mathematical investment strategy that seeks to achieve long-term returns in excess of a target benchmark, while attempting to reduce the risk of significant underperformance relative to the benchmark.

The Loeb Benson team seeks out companies whose stock prices have been beaten down, yet underlying fundamentals suggest upside opportunity. Loeb Benson believes that rigorous downside analysis comes before examining upside potential in order to have a favorable reward to risk trade-off in all markets.

Investments to match your strategy

Whatever your goals, our diverse lineup of mutual funds can help you get on the right path to reaching them.

Asset Allocation: Loeb Benson Global Allocation Growth, Moderate and Conservative Portfolios combine the best of Loeb Benson into a single asset allocation product based on an investor's risk tolerance.

Growth and Core: Investments designed to play a central role in an investor's portfolio, made up of what we believe are dynamic, well-run companies with attractive earnings potential and favorable risk/reward profiles.

Value: Loeb Benson Large Cap Value, Loeb Benson Mid Cap Value and Loeb Benson Small Cap Value seek value in out-of-favor companies.

International/Global and Specialty Equity: Investments that may complement a diversified portfolio, which carry Loeb Benson' research to overseas or sector-specific markets.

Alternative: Investments that look outside the traditional three asset classes: stocks, bonds, and cash.

Fixed Income: Funds that take the same exhaustive approach to research as our equity funds, yet provide investors with income potential.

Money Market: Seeks to provide income and help preserve capital

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