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As users of derivative products, you rely on diligent, meticulous analysis and creative alternative solutions. At Loeb Benson, our specialized Risk Management team will be uncompromising in assessing your organization’s needs and providing innovative, timely ideas to address your unique situation.

Our risk management team provides you with customized risk management solutions using derivative instruments across all asset classes:

Interest rate

Hedging of domestic and foreign-denominated investments and high yield and monetizing callable bond features.

Foreign exchange

Cash flow hedging, balance sheet hedging (multiple currencies) and traded currencies such as USD, ERU, JPYH, GBP, AUD, NZD, CHF, NOK, etc.


Normal course issuer bid hedging, deferred share unit and restricted share unit hedging and monetization.


Hedging commodity exposures, improving operating margin stability and tradable commodities such as heating oil, natural gas and grains.

You can rely on our professionals for:

Solutions for Financial Risk Management from Loeb Benson support asset liability management, market risk, credit risk, liquidity risk, interest-rate risk and funds transfer pricing capabilities to give your organization a truly enterprise view of risk.

Every balance sheet is exposed to risk. Since financial services professionals do not have psychic powers, you must evaluate multiple balance sheet structures under alternative interest rate scenarios. Why? Financial institutions need to understand how much risk exposure is embedded in their balance sheet.

Certain balance sheet compositions perform better in rising rate environments, and others in falling rate environments. Whether you choose to actively assume financial risk for income opportunities or minimize financial risk by immunizing it, you must be able to assess the embedded amount of risk in your balance sheet. This allows your organization to adjust and/or control the risk to suit business goals and plans.

Our Solution

Financial institutions require measurement and assessment systems to oversee the net-interest spread, the principal driver of operating earnings. To create a favorable environment for achieving return on assets or EPS growth goals, managers need powerful asset/liability management, income simulation and transfer pricing tools to help budget the interest margin. At the same time, the assumption of some degree of credit, liquidity and interest-rate risk are unavoidable consequences of lending, investing and funding activities. Organizations need scenario analysis to help reveal the nature and amount of embedded exposure and to limit risk to acceptable levels.

To meet these needs, Loeb Benson offers strategic financial risk management tools that have powerful capabilities to:


A better understanding of your risk position will equip you to plan more effective, and ultimately more successful, performance management strategies that benefit your entire organization. Some of the benefits your get with Financial Risk Management from Loeb Benson include:

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